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Storm Damage Roof Restoration

Storm damage to your roof may take various forms and sizes. There are extreme examples, such as a tree falling on your roof or parts of the shingles coming off or missing.

Then there are the less obvious occurrences, such as hurricanes. No matter what kind of storm damage your roof may experience, it may be challenging to know what to do or where to start.

Guaranteed Roofing has been assisting and advising homeowners that have experienced storm roof damages since 1967. We wish to do the same for you if you need roof damage restoration services.

Types of Storm Roof Damages 


Although hail may occur for short periods, it causes dents or pockmarks on shingles and dislodges shingle granules. This could be an issue since these granules protect your roof from rain and sun damage. Hail storm damages could also ruin the pleasing aesthetic appearance of your roof.


The roof of your home could sustain noticeable damage from hurricane-force winds. Strong winds may dislodge or rip shingles, exposing the underlayment, roof deck, and waterproofing material to the elements. During less severe storms, strong winds may lift and curl shingles.

When contractors install shingles, they purposely overlap them to establish a water-tight barrier. Lifting and curling may disrupt this seal, exposing your roof to wind-driven rain damage.


Depending on the storm’s severity, debris ranging from small branches to larger ones may wind up on your roof. Large objects may damage or affect the shingle surface, leaving that section of the roof exposed to moisture entry.

Standing Water

If a roof lacks sufficient drainage, standing water may be an issue after heavy rainfall, particularly in unstable regions. Clogged gutters may also cause rainwater to accumulate beneath your shingles, allowing moisture to penetrate the underlayment or the roof deck.

What to Do After a Storm 

If your home recently faced a severe storm with high winds and hail, it might be wise to have a roofing contractor conduct a thorough roof check. Contact us to arrange an inspection and assist you with damage assessment.

Inspect the Roof 

Visually inspect your roof by going around the perimeter of your home and noting any visible storm damage. Additionally, you may have an excellent view of your roof from one of your windows. Keeping a list of notes or taking photographs may be helpful for insurance claims. Record any apparent indicators of storm damage, such as dented, ripped, curled, or missing shingles.

Examine the Gutters, Windows & Vents 

Check your home’s gutters and roofing accessories for dents, including gable vents and other overhangs. Examine cracks, broken glass, loose weatherstripping, and ripped screens on windows.

Check Attics & Ceilings 

Check these places for wet stains and leaks. While the outside of your home’s roof may look unscathed, wind and hail may create unnoticed leaks that might lead to significant issues in the future. Inspect your ceilings, light fixtures, and attic for water leaks and spots.

Inspect Outside Areas 

Examine the outside of your home for fallen tree branches, missing fence posts, and damage to lawn furniture and other decorations. Check for hailstorm damage on flat surfaces such as patios and decks.

Call Your Home Insurance Provider 

If you discover substantial storm roof damage to your house, you must immediately notify your home’s insurance provider to make a claim based on their requirements. Based on the notes and images you acquired during your storm roof damage assessment, its representatives may assist you in filing a claim and receiving suitable compensation. The firm may also send its assessor or inspector to your property to properly analyze the roof storm damage your home sustained.

Find the Storm Damage Roof Restoration Services You Need

Storm roof damages can create significant problems to your home or property, such as leaking roofs, which may reduce your home’s value. It is essential to work with a roofing contractor you can trust. At Guaranteed Roofing, we are willing to bet you can’t find a roofing challenge we haven’t tackled at some point over the past fifty-plus years. We offer free, zero-obligation consultation or quote. Contact us for more information, and we’ll make it worth your while!