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Tommy Moody installed his first residential roof over 60 years ago. Since then, Guaranteed Roofing Co. has taken great pride in helping improve and protect family homes all across the South. Whether it’s helping recover from a storm or helping bring your lifelong dream home to reality, the love and passion for the business Tommy Moody found all those years ago will help ensure that your roof lasts for generations to come.

tommy b. moody

Founder, President

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“We can get over anything” isn’t just a clever play on words for us. Whether it’s a new roof installation, hail damage, storm damage, or fire damage restoration, we are committed to help families like yours get the roof you deserve. Our 60 years of experience and long-lasting positive reputation are testament of our commitment to our clients. If you’re shopping for the right roofing company, give us a shot. Because making you happy is what makes us happy. It’s that simple.

With our in-house metal fabrication shop, we can custom build gutters, downspouts, chimney flashings, drip edge and more.

In the “biz,” the classic asphalt shingle most people recognize are called composite shingles (Some times “composition” shingles). Why? Well, that’s because they’re actually made from a “composite” of materials, such as cellulose mat, mineral granules and (you guessed it) asphalt.

Often available with greater options than composites, such as colors and styles, than with composite shingles.  They can offer the affordable practicality of asphalt shingles, but with bolder visual style. 

Hand-split, specially sawn wood tiles, often cedar or redwood that provides a home-spun, rustic look completely unique to each home. 

Refined, rugged and sturdy, tile roofing is made from thin and refined pieces of concrete or stone. Notoriously heavy, a roof must be specially designed and reinforced to handle the weight. 

Modern, sleek, and built to last. Metal roofs, whether standing seam or stone-coated metal shingles, add a level of stability and form to your home that has been proven to last up to 50 years when properly installed and maintained.

every single shingle

is guaranteed to be perfect

It’s not just there to keep the rain and the elements out. Your roof is a statement. Like a quality suit or the perfect hair cut, your roof defines your home’s character. It sets it apart, and quite literally tops off the hard work that went into picking the ideal home in the first place. So when it comes to picking the right material for your roof, you want the best selection and the best quality possible. We’ve built solid relationships with all of the major industry manufacturers to make sure you’ll have the finest materials available to make your house complete.


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